Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

5 days ago

The entry to Bosnia and Herzegovina of all travelers who are not nationals or citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been prohibited.

Young woman wearing protection face mask against coronavirus 2019-ncov pushing a shopping cart.

As of June 1, citizens of Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro will also enter the country. It is also open to diplomats and consular staff, civil servants coming to work, border workers, military personnel, heads of state and their delegations, travelers traveling to their home countries, and travelers with special permits to stay or transit in the country.

The borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina are open to citizens and residents of the United States, the EU, and Schengen countries with a negative PCR test not exceeding 48 hours (not applicable to Croatian citizens). There is also an entry ban for other non-resident foreign nationals, although those with special circumstances may enter (e.g., for a business meeting, for a funeral, for medical care, or in the company of a BiH-citizen spouse). It can require special documentation and/or a negative COVID examination.