Overview of Best Time to Book Domestic Flights

Overview of Best Time to Book Domestic Flights

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The best time to book domestic flights? Ask around, and you’re likely to hear various responses, all accompanied by facts and figures, taken from the knowledge and that wavers from year to year. This type of information can be helpful in offering an average summary of the industry for customers, but airfares remain volatile at the end of the day. Over the course of a single day, ticket prices can and do change many times. Airlines prefer to require immediate travel criteria to set higher prices for catering for flight tickets. For domestic US flights, the prime booking window (the period when rates are at their lowest) will range from 3 weeks to 3 months in advance. However, the harsh, hard reality is that when it comes to finding the right time to book tickets, there is no secret magic formula. That said, with some knowledge of how it is also true that airline tickets are priced, you’ll find the best time to book domestic flights and get some great deals.

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What is the best time for domestic flights to be booked?

A Travel plan can easily become costly, making budget holidays highly attractive. But that kind of travel isn’t possible if you pay too much for the airfare. And if you don’t know where to look, finding cheap flights can be a massive hassle. There could be more than a dozen pricing categories on a single flight. There could be 50 (fifty) different rates for a 150 (one hundred and fifty) seat aircraft. Each of these passengers can pay for a different assortment of add-ons, such as priority boarding or baggage charges. The primary thing you need to know about airline fares,” he says, “is that the fare is where you meet, not where you end up.

Summer just around the corner. The travel industry specialists on the best ways to extend the travel budget. Here are seven insider secrets for booking cheap flights:

  • Book your flight seven weeks in advance.
  • Buy at the right time: Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST.
  • Travel on the cheapest days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Travel out early on.
  • Check individual low-cost airline fares.
  • Please sign up for free pricing notices.
  • Build up a friendship with the airline.

Below, to read more information about Best Time to Book Domestic Flights.

Cheapest Days in a week Days:

Any experienced traveler can confirm that mid-week fares are cheaper, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when ticket prices are often low. Currently, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are the cheapest in the U.S. Weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends for international travel.

Flight tickets are Expensive in which Day:

Fridays and Sundays typically are costly, particularly in the U.S. On the other hand, weekends are not feasible for budget travelers, especially on Sundays, when tickets are the most costly.

The Cheapest time of the day:

Travel when most people don’t want to fly, such as morning, overnight, or during lunch or dinner.

Save more by learning the cheapest days to fly:

If you cannot book cheap days for your whole flight, do it for one leg of the trip, and you’ll still see some savings. In reality, we figured out that traveling on a weekday, instead of a weekend, might save you around $70 a ticket!

Be flexible:

Get the lowest price by opting for flights that other people don’t like. Six o’clock. Departures, overnight flights, or layout trips may allow substantial savings.

Stretch your reach:

Rather than operating from a smaller airport near your house, consider searching for flights at a central hub that may be farther away. Major international airports also have more opportunities and more affordable prices. If you have several major airports within a two-hour drive from you, check the fares for each spot. Flights can be hundreds of times less than just one location.

Don’t be spontaneous:

Last-minute trips are exciting, but you’re paying a bonus for your spontaneity. If you book a flight less than 2 weeks in advance, airlines presume that you are a corporate traveler with a corporation paying the bill and charging higher fares.

Avoid holidays:

Holiday flights appear to be the most expensive; the average domestic airfare during Thanksgiving is astounding $408, whereas Christmas flights are an average of $485. If you intend to fly, consider leaving a few days ahead of time to cut your fares down.

Sign up for Free Updates:

Almost every big online booking site has airfare notifications that ping you when fare prices drop. If you sign up for Kayak or Google Flights fare notifications, you can specify those routes and dates of travel. That traveler does not ignore online travel agencies such as Expedia and Priceline. Often they bought seats from airlines in bulk and sold them for whatever the market is going to bear. This will result in savings if a specific route has been over-purchased.

Develop Relationships:

It’s not just how much to fly from here to there. The question is, who asks? If you hold your airline’s credit card, you immediately have a leg over other passengers. Credit cards linked to airlines now provide benefits once normal, such as free checked luggage, priority boarding, and seat selection, so they could be worth signing up if you regularly fly on one airline.

Don’t shop too late or too early on:

Careful! Buy too early, and you may have changed too much. But too late, and you could pay too much. Sweet spots for sales are typically found in these retail windows.

U.S. Tickets:

Shop 3 months to 30 days before departure.

Foreign tickets:

Shop between 5 and half months and 1 1⁄2 months prior to departure.

Famous Flight Times:

If you would like to travel on famous holidays, such as New Year’s, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, or during the peak season months such as June, July, and August, you’ll usually save a little if you buy tickets a little early, say, two months in advance.

Shop Current Offers:

If you can fly whenever you want, and you can fly when deals come up, shop when you want because you never know when an airline will suddenly lower rates.

Often compare your airfare:

  • Gold law of shopping: always compare airfares. Some people struggle to do this because they ‘know’ that their favorite airline always has the best offer, but no airline always has the cheapest fares, not Spirit, South-west, Not every single time on every single path, and we’ve proven our worth. If you don’t compare, you might pay too much, and why pay a penny more than you have to pay?
  • Set the Fare Compare Airfare Warning, and we’re going to do the job for you. It takes only a second to sign up for an alert, and the offers come to you directly via email. Then, if you get a fare you want, act quickly; the best fares don’t last.

Fly on the cheapest path:

Non-stop vs. connecting flights: nonstop flights are more convenient, but often you will find better offers on connecting flights. On long flights, we have seen some connecting flights that were 50% cheaper than nonstop flights. Always compare the price of a nonstop flight with a connecting flight before ding your credit card. Only you can decide whether a better price is worth the hassle of a long day of travel.

Book one ticket for Group travel at a time:

This isn’t always going to save money, but sometimes, so it’s always worth trying.

How to Shop Flight Tickets:

Book just one ticket when booking a trip for two or more people, to begin with, as a feature of airline reservation systems ensures that multiple tickets sold in a single transaction must be sold at the same price. For e.g., if you need two tickets, and the airline has one ticket for $100, and all the other tickets cost $125, you’ll pay $125 for both tickets. But if you buy both tickets one-on-one, you’ll get the lowest price for one of your tickets.

Are you expected to book a flight now or wait for a cheaper one?

Knowing when to book can be a hard decision to make. There’s no real guarantee at the end of the day, as it’s difficult to foresee what fares may come up tomorrow or next week. What you can do right now is equate the fare you are choosing with what is available on other airlines as well as on other booking sites. Mind, not all of the sites will mention every airline. The most popular Southwest does not have its OTA fares. Shop around and make sure you have a complete image of what’s available in front of your book.  If you book and happen to see a better fare directly after that, you can take advantage of a 24-hour DOT policy that allows you to cancel your booking without a charge.

Best time to book domestic flights?

  • The perfect day to purchase tickets for domestic airlines on average is 76 days before the flight. But if you split down the year, seasonality turns out to make a huge difference. The cheapest fares had been found 99 days before the summer trip, 94 days before the winter trip, 84 days before the spring trip, and 69 days before the fall trip.
  • But these figures are just averages, so you can assume some difference for your particular flight. It’s, therefore, easier to adhere to the general trends when you find out when purchasing airline tickets. For domestic trips, rates are raised when tickets are first issued, around a year before the departure. These rates will steadily fall to their lowest point sometime between 115 and 21 days (about four months to three weeks) before the departure, during which you will definitely see the last-minute price increase.
  • Today when it comes to the alternate currency, say, points or miles, your approach should be a little different. Although points and miles fanatics want to save their miles for foreign travel, you can probably have the most freedom to use the incentives for domestic travel,” says Value Penguin travel expert Stella Shon. You can book a domestic-trip with the points and miles and still get a solid offer no less than two weeks before your scheduled departure date. If you are looking to travel transcontinental business, you should book sooner because availability is more limited.”
  • At the end of the day, you’ll want to book domestic award travel six months to two weeks in advance of your journey. Well, that’s a pretty large window, but award pricing will fluctuate wildly or remain static. So, if you can see a good deal, you can book it.

Which Seasonal deal is an impact on Book Domestic flights?

Holiday seasons and festivals have a huge influence on the best time to book domestic flights. Here is a guide to help with your plans for travel, so you can get the best seasonal offers. According to a report released by Cheap Air this spring, the best time to book a domestic flight is 76 days in advance, up from 70 days in the previous year. Meanwhile, a similar study from Expedia suggests that you book more than 3 weeks in advance, also pointing out that Sunday is the cheapest day to buy.


Book your flight tickets as quickly as you can if you schedule your trip during the summer – preferably, around a month and a half in advance. The longer you wait, the more airfares will rise at an alarming pace. However, if you want to wait, we will recommend that you opt for the best offers and discount rates during the summer months of August and September. We recommend that you book your tickets approximately 160 days before departure. Everyone needs to getaway in the summer, with the highest demand in July. According to the findings of the report, the best time to book a summer fare is 47 days in advance.


Fall is a fine time for a relaxing holiday. There are plenty of destinations, flights are less crowded, and airfares are much cheaper. Thanksgiving Week, however, maybe a little hectic because tickets are available at premium rates and sell faster than hotcakes. The first booking window starts a month in advance!


  • The best time to book domestic flights is winter; you can get a shockingly good one, deal without much trouble. However, Christmas and New Year’s Week will be a problem; apart from that, the coast is clear. October, November, and early December are the cheapest months to fly that budget travelers can use and benefit from. You can pick your flight and your seat if you book a month in advance.
  • This is contrary to the previous consensus among travel experts that kept Tuesday the best day to book. And it wasn’t that long ago that Hopper referred to Thursday as a day when fares were at their lowest. But wait! Cheap Air dig deeper, sorting data by seasonal variables. It’s no wonder that the best value for flyers is the fall and the winter.
  • The average difference between the lowest and highest-priced days in the fall was $83, making it the best season for those who choose to book on the fly. These figures indicate that you book about two months or 69 days in advance.
  • Winter is just a little less than 62 days in advance, with inflated holiday fares widening the gap between the cheapest and most expensive days to $203. In the spring, the study points to 90 days before departure as the perfect time to purchase.

What are the best windows for booking?

Airlines will end up overbooking flights to ensure that the aircraft is filled with paying passengers. And more often than not, some passengers have to give up their seats. You don’t want to end up being on the wrong side of the deal, do you? Here are some ideas that will support you identify the best booking opportunities available;

Early Birds:

There are people who want to book their tickets as soon as possible. Calling for the first dibs is not going to get you cheaper offers. On the opposite, you can end up paying a higher fare and have to watch the passengers who book later than you get better offers at cheaper rates. On the upside, early birds still have a range of choices to choose from. Extra benefits-you can pick your seat, travel at the time you want, and get other benefits.

The Buffer Region:

The buffer zone begins about 6 months before your trip. Most people tend to book tickets during this time span to prevent any travel anxieties. The fares have fallen considerably after the “premium point,” and now the odds are that the fares will remain this way for a while. You also have a good range of travel options and itineraries. In the buffer zone, booking your ticket even decreases your travel best time to book domestic flights. Anxieties and allows you enough time to plan for your journey.

The Sweet Spot:

  1. Sweet spots or prime booking windows typically open between 3 weeks and 3 months in advance. This is generally the best time to book air tickets as you get the cheapest fares and travel plans. We have seen a 5% reduction in airfares here, although in some cases the prices may remain the same. You still have a decent choice of flights, so it’s a pretty lucrative place for the average traveler.
  2. We collected various data from different resources to do some number crunching to see how early you can book a flight before a big travel holiday to get the best offer. Based on the 2019 data from Priceline, here are the sweet spots.
  3. Spring Break: 6 weeks out
  4. Memorial Day: 7-8 weeks out
  5. Fourth of July: 6 weeks out
  6. August Travel: 4-5 weeks out
  7. Labor Day: 7 weeks out
  8. Thanks-giving: 2 weeks out
  9. Christmas: 4 weeks out
  10. Today, if you book award tickets, there is only one guideline for holiday travel according to Shon: book as early as possible, at least two months in advance. ‘Bear in mind that when you book a flight, you won’t actually get the best deal for your points and miles,’ she says. “But if you’ve been sitting on loads of points and miles for the past nine months, it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and use the incentives.”
  11. We considered these results to be especially fascinating. One of several busiest travel holidays of the year is Thanksgiving—the TSA screened more than 26 million people during Thanksgiving week in 2019. As such, it is one of the most expensive times to travel. Convention suggests booking Thanksgiving flights as far in advance as possible, but in this case, it may not be the early bird who gets the worm. We believe that flight rates remain very constant for Thanksgiving travel because demand is still strong. Consequently, a small dip in prices may have happened two weeks after the 2019 holiday, allowing for this data.

Buying last minute:

Don’t panic if you’ve missed a prime booking opportunity; some flights even offer deals 2-3 weeks before departure. Many travelers make the mistake of waiting too late, hoping for a cheaper rate to get the best deals. However, when you book tickets during the holiday season, this strategy might backfire. And it is usually at the end of the deal for those who book tickets a week ahead of time. Almost all good seats are filled, there are not many flight options for you, and there is no big drop in prices.

Information to Know:

Domestic and international flight rates adjust almost every day, so much so that even the most seasoned traveler cannot really foresee the best fares at a given moment. Sure, there are plenty of portals where you can compare airfares, but it just ends up frustrating us all the more. And that’s why you should read through our guide to figure out the best time to book domestic flight tickets in the United States.