Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Azerbaijan

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Azerbaijan

2 weeks ago

Azerbaijan extended the suspension of all commercial flights until at least November 2, except for rare, private, and charter flights. E-visas and visa issuance on arrival have been suspended. At all-time at the airport and on the aircraft, the use of a medical mask will be required.

Coronavirus sample procedure

Except for requirements, it is always mandatory to keep the mask on; for instance, while checking the border, at the request of an airport official, or when eating. Apart from smaller personal objects, such as a handbag or briefcase, hand luggage will not be allowed on flights arriving in Azerbaijan. For the new hand-luggage allowances and regulations adopted to tackle COVID-19 onboard your flight, check with your airline.

The COVID-19 negative test must be sent to all travelers arriving in Azerbaijan. The test itself may take place more than 48 hours prior to your flight, but the negative test result certificate will only be approved if given within 48 hours prior to the flight. On arrival in Azerbaijan, travelers will be screened for COVID-19 again and have their temperature checked.

Individuals are liable for the full expense of COVID-19 tests conducted at the airport. All arrivals to Azerbaijan are required, irrespective of travel origin, to complete a 14-day self-quarantine in their own accommodation.