Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Australia

Covid-19 Travel Restrictions in Australia

2 weeks ago

Australia has prohibited the entry of all foreign citizens, except for citizens of New Zealand living in Australia and nationals of other countries of Oceania transiting to their countries of origin.

With the exception of Australian nationals and permanent residents and their immediate family members, Australian-based New Zealand nationals, Australian-accredited diplomats and residents of Australia and their immediate family members, and airline crew, Australia has limited the entry of all passengers.

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To reach Australia, travelers who are not Australian nationals and returning permanent residents and their immediate family members need to apply for an exemption. Due to a recent spike in COVID-19 incidents, Australia has imposed temporary travel restrictions for flights to Melbourne. A quarantine period of 14 days at the first point of entry is imposed for all foreign passengers unless they are given an exemption upon request.

In state-designated facilities, quarantines take place, and charges vary on the state, ranging from $2500 for one adult in the Northern Territory to $3000 for one adult in New South Wales. At present, international flights are being diverted away from Victoria. Up until their next scheduled flight, the airline crew is subject to self-isolation. Check the following websites for more information on quarantine rules in Australian states: New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory.

If the connecting flight is within 72 hours of the arriving flight, foreign nationals can transit via Australia. They must either have a travel visa, or they must be nationals of a country exempted from a visa.

Transit passengers do not need to apply for a travel restriction exemption if they are booked to depart from the same airport on a connecting flight within 72 hours and are not leaving the airport. Travelers who intend to leave the airport before boarding their connecting flight or who spend more than 72 hours at the airport are expected to apply for a travel exemption and will be subject to quarantine before departure. You do not need a travel exemption for travelers from New Zealand and Pacific Islanders.

Travelers planning to travel across Australian state borders should notice that domestic travel limits, border limits, and quarantine conditions are still in force in certain Australian states. Travelers are recommended to consult in advance with their travel/accommodation provider in the case of onward travel within Australia.