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In May, Dubai Airport was the world's busiest international airport.

According to reports, in the month of May, Dubai Foreign Airport was the world's busiest for international flights. The Dubai Airport, according to reports, topped the list with 189,5866 scheduled seats, according to the aviation intelligence organization the Official Airline Guide (OAG). Despite the fact that its source market was closed to international travelers, it was able to reach this level. Two additional regional airports, Istanbul Ataturk Airport (1.3 million seats) and Doha International Airport (1.2 million seats), also made a list (1.24 million seats).

The United Arab Emirates has extended the ban on flights from India till June 30.

The ban on passenger flights from India has been extended until June 3 by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE has taken this step to further restrict the spread of Coronavirus. The restriction was first implemented on April 25, when India was experiencing a surge in cases. Emirates, the UAE's flag carrier, issued a statement on its website indicating that all passenger flights from India had been stopped from April 24 to June 30.

How can you apply for a travel report in the United Arab Emirates?

An immigration authority issues the report, which includes the applicant's passport number, exit and entry dates and places (ports of entry or exit), and other immigration-related information. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) or, in the case of Dubai visas, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs will issue the report in the UAE (GDRFA). The first is a general travel report, and the second is information from the most recent trip.

To attend live events in Dubai, you must be vaccinated.

Vaccinations against Covid-19 are now required for individuals attending live events in the United Arab Emirates, according to a new rule. From June 6, this country will push for vaccinations for spectators at cultural, sporting, artistic, social, and other activities. Those wishing to attend live events must additionally produce a negative COVID-19 PCR test, according to the new requirements. As a result, simply being vaccinated will not suffice. Negative tests must be completed 48 hours prior to the event.

India's travel restriction in the UAE has been extended.

The UAE has decided to prolong its travel restrictions on Indians until June 14, 2021. After the second wave of COVID-19 began to spread through India, causing deaths, the ban was initially implemented on April 25. Emirates has reportedly suspended passenger flights from India until June 14, 2021, according to sources. Travelers who have transited through India in the last 14 days will not be able to enter the UAE from any other point, according to reports.

From July, Abu Dhabi will no longer require international travelers to pass through quarantine.

Beginning June 1, Abu Dhabi will relax its quarantine restrictions for all international visitors. The country has also stated that it will improve its border with Dubai by implementing particular tourism procedures to make passage between the two emirates easier. After the United Arab Emirates provided enough COVID-19 vaccine doses, the city decided to relax the limitations. It will be comparable to the Dubai system, Ali Al Shaiba, executive director of Tourism and Marketing at DCT Abu Dhabi, said.

Dubai removes COVID-19 restrictions, allowing hotels, pubs, and restaurants to reopen.

COVID-19 limitations have been relaxed in Dubai. The government has given all of the hotels in the regional tourism hub permission to operate at full capacity. Concerts and sporting events have also been granted authorization by the government on the condition that all participants and spectators be completely vaccinated. The United Arab Emirates currently ranks first in the world for Coronavirus testing and immunization rates.

Foreign visitors to Saudi Arabia are required to quarantine for seven days upon the arrival.

Travelers entering Saudi Arabia should be informed of a new law that the Saudi government has implemented. Foreign visitors arriving in the nation will be quarantined for a week under the new guidelines. This quarantine period must be spent in a facility that has been approved by the government. According to the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority (GACA), this rule will take effect on May 20 and is likely to limit the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Rumors about the COVID-19 vaccine for parents on UAE visit visas have been debunked by Indian ex-pats.

Dubai: The Indian Consulate in Dubai has issued a warning to Indian expatriates about a WhatsApp message claiming that the mission is looking for applications from people who want their parents to visit the UAE on visit visas with COVID-19 vaccinations. Ladies and gentlemen, this link is for the Consulate General of India Dubai, read the message, which included a link to the consulate's online helpline service. We spoke with them a couple of days ago about trying to organise vaccine for our parents who've been on visit visa.

UAE Widens Travel Restrictions Leaving Many South Asians Being unable to Come back to Country.

The UAE's travel restriction has been expanded to encompass Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. On May 12th, the prohibition went into effect. The news comes after the UAE prohibited Indians from visiting the nation in an effort to stop the spread of the India COVID variant. Long-term residents (such as those with the Golden Visa) and diplomats will be exempt from the restriction. Those who consider the UAE their home but do not have a visa or citizenship must find other ways to get over the restrictions.