Do you want to know Turkey Visa fee for UAE residents?

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Do you want to know Turkey Visa fee for UAE residents?

Click2visas provides all services regarding passport and Visa to the public, in a generous motive. We do not charge a penny in excess. Our charges are comparatively TEN times LOWER than other service providers. The government charge is inclusive of the total payment.

Does the visa fee change according to the citizenship of the applicant?

Yes, Turkey visa fee differs based on the applicant’s nationality.

Tourist E-visa Single Entry Fees are given below:

S.No Tourist E-Visa Single Entry visa Fees In USD
1 Senegal, Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, Niger,Sierra Leone, Somalia, Swaziland, Timor-Leste,Comoros, Gambia, Malawi, Cambodia, Bhutan, Solomon Islands, Rwanda 41.05
2 Bahrain 78.95
3 Palestinian Territories, Botswana, Togo, Philippines, Vanuatu, Fiji 20.55
4 Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Algeria 51.05
5 Egypt, Nepal, Zimbabwe 31.05
6 Madagascar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka 36.05
7 India 44.05
8 Suriname, Vietnam 46.05
9 Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Congo Democratic Republic, Congo,  Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ghana Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Liberia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Gabon, Namibia, Libya 61.05

An additional service fee of 10USD will be charged to speed up the process.

Steps to ensure before making payment for a Tourist E-visa Single Entry visa?

The steps to ensure before making payment:

  • Check on the phone number and Mail ID. Make sure you provide the other required details. 
  • Re-check the required documents, which need to be uploaded before the payment. (Ex. Passport, Flight tickets, etc.).
  • Please keep your credit card and debit card details ready.

Are you wondering why the above details suit only for online payment? Unfortunately, payment cannot be made in person at the center. Payment can be made only online.

Reach to the spot where you get a good network and proceed with the payment to avoid cancellations. Click2visas provides a payment gateway for both debit and credit cards. 

Do not stress to yourself to know what currency the payment should be done. Click2visas makes things simpler; you can pay in the currency of your current region.  

Can I pay the visa fee with cash on arrival?

Turkey does not permit on Arrival Visa facility. Those nationals that require Visa must attain pre-approval visa before visiting Turkey.

Details on refund of the Turkey visa fee

The Government will not refund your money once your visa application is processed. When the application is in progress, the amount paid is non-refundable.

Tourist E-visa Single Entry visa can be processed in few dollars. 

Click2visas service fee comes with a 10X advantage. Grab the offer when it is easily available in one click. Visit click2visas to apply for a visa/ a passport and save money to visit the amazing tourist spots in India. 

Hey! Were you aware that certain countries could avail of Turkey visa without a visa fee? Check out this list to see if you fit in.

  • Mexico,
  • Iraq

Don’t worry. Even if your country is exempted from the No Turkey Visa fee, Click2visas provides a minimum service charge. Let us move on to the appointment fee at the Turkey Mission.

  • An Appointment fee is not necessary if you have applied for an e-visa; there is no need for an appointment in the Turkey Mission.
  • If you have applied for a normal Visa, each Applicant should schedule an appointment with the Turkey Mission. There is no separate fee for booking an appointment.

We have answered specific common questions among the public below. Continue reading.  

Does my visa fee include Service Taxes?         

  • The Visa fee and service fee are inclusive of all applicable taxes in Click2visas.  
  • Keep calm and choose Click2visas. We will take care of your visa application.

I need a Turkey Tourist E-visa Single Entry ASAP. How much do I need to pay extra for expedited service?

Tourist E-visa Single Entry takes 1 day or more for processing. There is no expedited service. It is advised not to believe or fall into the trap of providers who claim speedy/express grant of e-Visa and charge money for it.

Does the visa fee remain the same for single and multiple entries?

No, the fee differs based on the Nationality of the applicant, and the number of entries of the applicant.

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